Junior can climb faster and higher than any other boy in his neighbourhood. There is nothing he enjoys more than climbing his neighbours’ fruit trees to steal their apples, mangoes, oranges, june plums and guineps when they are away from home. His mother and Mr. Roy warn him to stop but he does not listen. One day, Junior ends up “biting off more than he can chew” because of his disobedience. The lesson he learns is one that can serve as an example to other little boys just like him.

Hard-Ears Junior Learns A Lesson is meant to be a teaching tool for parents, teachers, mentors and adults, in general, who are encouraged to read it aloud to children. Children will be afforded the opportunity to gain knowledge of new, multi-syllabic words, their meanings and correct spelling and pronunciation, thereby building their vocabulary and enhancing their ability to communicate articulately from an early age. 

The Kindle version features a dictionary with hyperlinks that readers can click on to go to an online website where they are able to learn multiple new words. This makes for an interactive experience that readers should find informative, educational and enjoyable.


Hard Ears Junior Learns A Lesson is a cautionary tale which will teach children several morals. Among them, one: the importance of obeying our parents and, two: learning how to resist temptation.

Set on the beautiful island of Jamaica, the story is written in Standard English and the characters speak the Patois dialect throughout. This was a deliberate action on the author's part since one of her main goals is always to take her culture to the world. A special feature of the book, Hard Ears Junior Learns A Lesson is a glossary of translation which will serve as a guide for non-Jamaican parents who may be seeking opportunities to introduce their children to different ways of life. 


Here's the review written by one American mother:

5.0 out of 5 stars

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I received this book today and was very excited to read it. Ms. Mandisa Parnell has shared with us a Jamaican tale that a lot of parents can definitely relate to. It tells of a little boy called Junior. He is your typical adventurous boy. He likes to climb on the housetops and on trees. His mother doesn't like it and tries to warn him about the danger, but Junior doesn't listen. He is determined to get some apples from his neighbor, Mr. Roy's apple trees. Junior learns a big lesson that day, although he has to learn the hard way. As a parent, I definitely can relate!

The book is beautifully illustrated and the story is very entertaining. Ms. Parnell has added some of her native Patois to the story, which adds a sort of richness to the characters. As I'm reading I can almost see the characters come to life. She also adds a little translator in the back of the book to help the reader understand some of the dialect. This adds even more interest as well as a glossary to help young readers with some new words. This book is meant to be a teaching tool for parents and teachers.

I enjoyed the story very much and loved the opportunity to expose my son to a little bit of the Jamaican culture along with the story. He is very interested in Social Studies and other countries so this was perfect. I homeschool my son so I am thinking that this can be an intro to a unit on Jamaica. I recommend this very much and would love to see more stories set in the Jamaica.