New from Mandisa M. Parnell is the novella which features two short stories: "Blessing Unforeseen" and "Ambushed in the Night" which won a Silver Award in the 2014 Jamaica (JCDC) Creative Writing Competition. Premonition: Listening to the Voices introduces two women - Adina and Marissa - who are led by superstitious minds and the "voices" within.  



“If ah never listen to that voice… oh, that blessed voice…!” 

Adina – the daughter of a powerful obeah man – is a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. She gets baptized and vows to start anew but to do so she has to get rid of the gunman she is sleeping with. She tries but finds it difficult to make a clean break. Before she knows it, she is living a double-life. Then, everything changes. She has a showdown with her Maker and the entire town bears witness. What happens when she gets unwelcomed visitors in the dead of night? 

“Why mi never follow mi blinking mind?” 

Marissa gets a rude awakening when she fails to “read her bible” one morning. She soon becomes an unwilling participant in a race against time – a race that she will not win. She tortures herself over and over, accepting blame for her predicament even as she wishes she could press a rewind button and get a do-over. How will she feel when she discovers the truth behind the saying: “Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”?




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I LOVE this book! Adina and Eric, them have me laughing out loud at three o’clock in the morning! “Gyal, a bite yuh bite mi?” “Leggo offa mi, heathen!” “Wap!” “Bap!” “A lick yuh REALLY lick mi back, gyal! A kill yuh waah mi kill yuh in ya?”
Lord oh Lord; Adina makes up her mind that she is not going to take any more beating from Eric, and gives slap for slap, box for box, and punch for punch, plus extras. “Ow! Bumboclaaaat! A kick yuh really kick mi inna mi seed, Adina?”
Mandisa Parnell’s descriptions are so powerful and the book is so well written that you can vividly see the action taking place, feel the slaps, kicks and punches. A situation that in real life would not be at all funny has me in stitches as I imagine Adina giving as good as she gets, and more.
The book contains two stories; “Ambushed in the Night” and “Blessing Unforeseen”. Both stories are written so realistically you can imagine yourself being in that community, inside that dwelling; downtown, rushing, trying to get across the street amidst the rush hour traffic in order to catch that bus... and feel the emotion when the bus pulls away before you can catch it.
It is a quick read which I wish was much longer, but believe me, it is well worth reading.
Mandisa Parnell is an extremely talented writer and I look forward to much more from her.