Meet the Jamaican Boy Next Door

Boy meets girl. WHAM! Boy is instantly smitten. Girl turns down boy. Boy doesn’t take no for an answer. The chase begins...

A romance for young adult readers, The Boy Next Door takes place in Kingston, Jamaica.

Ryan Reece is a babe magnet. This handsome, self-assured 18-year-old American is used to getting what he wants, who he wants, when he wants. Until he moves to Jamaica and crash-lands into the life of a beautiful native girl…Ryan’s heart, mind and body tell him that this dark-skinned hottie is meant to be his forever angel. No way will she be able to resist the infamous Reece charm but…BAM! Noelle Goodison is rejection personified - completely immune to his spell. She treats him like poison and lashes him with a razor-sharp tongue every time they run into each other. The funny thing is that this only makes him want her more…

Noelle Goodison is mad at the world. First, she is dumped by her boyfriend. Second, her lifelong best friend migrates to New York. Then, just as Noelle is starting to feel like things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a demon spawn named Ryan Reece waltzes into her life and becomes a royal pain in her butt. Although she sees him as a nuisance, she cannot help noticing his drop-dead gorgeous face, heart-stopping smile and quick-sand green eyes. He becomes the star of her dreams. But since she is still smarting from heartbreak and too deeply mired in melancholy, her defiant nature surfaces and forces her to play hard-to-get…

It is a tale as old as time – a battle of the sexes: completely smitten boy VS girl who hates his guts! Who will emerge victorious?

Book Details

Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Love & Romance

Author: Mandisa M. Parnell

Format: Paperback, 206 pages

Pub date: July 2014