Who is the jamaican boy next door?

The Boy Next Door is the very first authentically Jamaican teen romance novel written by author, Mandisa M. Parnell to give young Jamaicans at home and across the Diaspora an alternative to the conventional reading material currently available. But if you're not a Jamaican - no need to feel left out. Do you have a fascination with all things Jamaican? Want to learn more about Jamaican culture and speak? The Boy Next Door will give you an opportunity to do this. What makes this book 'authentically Jamaican' is that the characters are not afraid to speak the Jamaican patois! And because we know you are listening, and because we want you to understand our lingo, we have included a glossary of translation from patois to Standard English. So do not be scared. Go ahead and indulge!

The Boy Next Door features a strong, handsome hottie of a hero and a gorgeous, fiesty heroine. It is a feel-good modern day romance that will make you smile.

WARNING: There are no vampires, werewolves or shape-shifters. Only normal, two-legged, warm-blooded true-blue HUMANS here. What more could you ask for?